Hydrochloric Acid 30 to 32%
Hydrochloric acid is a clear, colorless, highly pungent solution of hydrogen chloride in water. It is a highly corrosive, strong mineral acid with many industrial uses. Hydrochloric acid is found naturally in gastric acid.
Formula : HCl

Sulphuric Acid 98%
Sulfuric acid is a highly corrosive strong mineral acid with the molecular formula H2SO4. It is a pungent, colorless to slightly yellow viscous liquid which is soluble in water at all concentrations.
Formula : H2SO4

Nitric Acid 72%
Nitric acid, also known as aqua forties and spirit of niter, is a highly corrosive strong mineral acid. The pure compound is colorless, but older samples tend to acquire a yellow cast due to decomposition into oxides of nitrogen and water.
Formula : HNO3

Caustic Soda Flakes in 50kg bags
Caustic Soda Flakes is widely used in the textile, soaps and detergents, pulp and paper industries and in alumina refineries.
Formula : NaOH

Caustic Soda Lye 48% in tanker
Caustic Soda Flakes is widely used in the textile, soaps and detergents, pulp and paper industries and in alumina refineries.
Formula:  NaOH

Spent Sulphuric Acid 60% in tanker
Spent sulfuric acid generated in our system contains about 75% H2SO4 is a powerful acidic oxidizer and in liquid state mainly for manufacture of various industrial chemicals
Formula :H2SO4

Formaldehyde 37%
Formaldehyde is an organic compound with the formula CH2O or HCHO. It is the simplest aldehyde, hence its systematic name methanol. The common name of the substance comes from its similarity and relation to formic acid. 
Formula : CH2O

Sodium Hypo Chloride 60 & 120GPL
Sodium hypochlorite is a chemical compound with the formula NaClO. It is comprised of a sodium cation and a hypochlorite anion; it may also be viewed as the sodium salt of hypochlorous acid.
Formula : NaClO

Liquid Chlorine in Cylinder
Liquid chlorine is a heavy, toxic, greenish yellow liquid under pressure having pungent and suffocating odour. Liquid chlorine although packed in cylinders under pressure, is usually used as a gas obtained by evaporation of liquid from the cylinder. It is stable compound under atmospheric temperature and pressure.

Ammonium Chloride in 50kg bags
Ammonium chloride, an inorganic compound with the formula NH4Cl, is a white crystalline salt, highly soluble in water. Solutions of ammonium chloride are mildly acidic. Sal ammoniac is a name of the natural, mineralogical form of ammonium chloride. 
Formula : NH4Cl

Barium Carbonate in 50kg bags
Barium carbonate, also known as witherite, is a chemical compound used in rat poison, bricks, ceramic glazes and cement. Witherite crystallizes in the orthorhombic system.
Formula : BaCO3

Sodium Meta bi Sulphate in 50kg bags
Sodium metabisulfite or sodium pyrosulfite is an inorganic compound of chemical formula Na2S2O5. The substance is sometimes referred to as disodium. It is used as a disinfectant, antioxidant and preservative agent
Formula : Na2S2O5

Hydrogen Peroxide 50% Vol.
Hydrogen peroxide is the simplest peroxide. It is also a strong oxidizer. Hydrogen peroxide is a clear liquid, slightly more viscous than water. In dilute solution, it appears colorless. 
Formula :

Acetic Acid 99.6%
Acetic acid is an organic compound with the chemical formula CH3COOH. It is a colourless liquid that when undiluted is also called glacial acetic acid. Acetic acid is the main component of vinegar, and has a distinctive sour taste and pungent smell.
Formula : C2H4O2

Ferrous Sulphate dry & Wet in 50kg bags
Ferrous sulfate or ferrous sulfate is the chemical compound with the formula FeSO4.It is used medically to treat iron deficiency, and also for industrial applications.
Formula : FeSO4

Lime Powder in 50kg bags
Calcium hydroxide, traditionally called slaked lime, is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula Ca(OH)2. It is a colorless crystal or white powder and is obtained when calcium oxide is mixed, or "slaked" with water. It has many names including hydrated limebuilders' limeslack limeChoona (word used in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan), cal, or pickling lime. Calcium hydroxide is used in many applications, including food preparation. Limewater is the common name for asaturated solution of calcium hydroxide.

Sodium Nitrite
Sodium nitrite is the inorganic compound with the chemical formula NaNO2. It is a white to slight yellowish crystalline powder that is very soluble in water and is hygroscopic.
Formula : NaNO2

Sodium Nitrate
Sodium nitrate is the chemical compound with the formula NaNO3. This salt is also known as Chile saltpeter or Peru saltpeter to distinguish it from ordinary saltpeter, potassium nitrate
Formula : NaNO3

Sodium Sulphate Fine
Sodium Sulphate packaged in safe containments for your immediate use. The Sodium Sulphate that we provide is fine in texture with no lumps and easily soluble in water making your work hassle free at all times. Keeping the current market standards in view, we have fixed reasonable rates for the same. 
Formula : Na2SO4.10H2O

Caustic Potash
Potassium hydroxide is an inorganic compound with the formula KOH, commonly called caustic potash. Along with sodium hydroxide, this colorless solid is a prototypical strong base
Formula : KOH

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